Quick Answer: What If Naruto Died?

Who is Naruto’s brother?

Uzumaki MamoruUzumaki Mamoru is the twin brother of Naruto..

Does Naruto lose the 9 tails?

When was Nine-tails extracted from Naruto? … In later chapters Minato tries to save naruto by giving him his half Kurama chakra but Zetsu robs it instead. Later obito extracts a portion (not half or even more) of kurama’s as well some of 8 tails and 1 tails from Madara and finally proceeds to give it back to naruto.

Did Kurama die?

Well he does . During the fourth shinobi war. Madara took the kurama inside of naruto. With kurama extracted from his body he was going to die.

Is Kurama a girl?

In Yu Yu Hakusho, Kurama’s name was originally Denise, as the dubbers believed he was a woman. When it was confirmed Kurama was male, they changed it to Dennis, then said he had been working in disguise as a woman.

Who is the weakest tailed beast?

ShukakuShukaku is one of the reasons Gaara has the Ulimate Defense. Other than his childish personality, Shukaku has advance sealing techniques that far outrank the other Tailed Beasts, despite being considered the weakest.

Did the creator of Naruto die in 2020?

Mashashi kishimoto,creater of naruto, is alive . He is also writing boruto (naruto’s next generation) .

How did Hinata die?

Hinata never died in the Pain arc. She managed to survive getting imapled by Pain’s chakra rod . She has started a family with Naruto and she’s vibing. Peace Out.

Would Kurama die if Naruto dies?

So who will get Kurama if Naruto dies? To answer realistically, probably no one. If Naruto dies it’s unlikely that he will be sealed in anyone. After the Fourth War all tailed beast were free to roam the world.

Is it confirmed that Naruto will die?

Yes, you heard it right the latest chapter has hinted at Naruto death. Naruto gets a new form from Kurama but it comes with a heavy price. Naruto has obtained a new power level and with that, he will die. It’s like Eight Gate power of Might Guy when a user uses this power he eventually dies after using it.

What if Sasuke killed Naruto?

What would actually happen if Sasuke had killed Naruto? It would be a very cold existence for everyone. Firstly, all the kages will get killed by Sasuke, as well as all the bijuu. Of course, all of the world, mainly konoha would be living in disbelief as their one and only savior is now gone.

Will Boruto inherit Sasuke’s rinnegan?

Boruto won’t get the Rinnegan and I’m sure of it. It is possible that he gives his eyes to Sarada. If Sasuke dies, it is likely that Sarada will unlock the MS and with Sasuke eyes, she can also get the EMS. In the Naruto verse, the children almot always surpass their father/teacher.

Will Boruto get 9 tails?

No he does not. He only have whiskers because his parent (Naruto) has kyuubi inside him which is why he already have whiskers when he was born. Unlike his mother (Kushina) and Hashirama’s wife (Mito Uzumaki) whom only got the kyuubi sealed into them which is why they don’t have any whiskers at all.

Is Kurama stronger than ten tails?

is still much more powerful than most people realize. He is still so powerful, he is only second to Sasuke, and not even by a large margin. Sure, Kurama gives Naruto chakra, in fact, he is one of Naruto’s major sources of power, however, the notion that he is weak without Kurama is fallacious.

Who is the 8th Hokage?

Konohamaru Sarutobi8th – Konohamaru Sarutobi. 9th – That guy in the academy (Sadoru is his sensei). He’s just like Naruto and Konohamaru and wants to be the Hokage!

What would happen if Naruto died?

If Naruto died without extracting the nine tails, then the Kyuubi would die. It wouldn’t be that big of a deal, as the leaf still has Sasuke and the top Jounin out of the five villages, so an imbalance of power wouldn’t really matter.